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August 2022
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How Long Does It Take to get Unemployment Benefits? Part II
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Posted by: RPLaw Firm @ 2:38 pm

New applicants/claimants for unemployment benefits in the State of Florida should anticipate receiving benefits in four to six weeks after his/her application if you are entitled to benefits.

Before the economic recession, it would possibly
take about two to three weeks.  The factor then was how long did it take for the
employer to reply to certain earning and employment records sought by the Agency
of Workforce Innovation (AWI).

Employers typically have about 10 days to respond with the appropriate forms
and data needed. Employers only have 10 days to raise any viable defenses such
as an employee has been employed less than 90 days with the company.

However, due to the high volume it can take months before a claimant sees the
first benefit check.  The best you can do is call or go online with AWI to check
the status.

In addition, be careful.  Just because you are awarded benefits does not mean
that the employer or the AWI will not come back months later an appeal the
claim.  Typically it should be appealed 20 days after the determination is
made.  It might have been appealed timely.

Nevertheless, a claimant can still receive a notice of the appeal and to
repay thousands of dollars six to eight months later.  So keep any and all
evidence that you are eligible for unemployment for at least one year.  Such
evidence is your schedule, last paycheck stub, termination letter, documents
from employer releasing you, phone records from leasing agency, etc.

At this time, it is almost impossible to contact AWI over the phone.  The
workers are also overwhlem.  The best thing to do is to continue to seek
employment ( you may get a job), keep all records of the application,
appeal,etc., and pray.

If you need assistance or representation for a telephonic hearing, please
feel free to contact my office, the Riggins Law Firm, PA- Danialle Riggins, Esq. - Office :
Ocala, Florida.- (352) 433-2400.

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