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December 2011
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Thinking About Bankruptcy in 2012
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Thousands of people starting planning their new years in December. Filing for bankruptcy is on hundreds of lists.  If you are considering filing for a discharge, there are a few things that you need to consider during the holidays.

  1. Running up Credit Card Bills.  Do not make the mistake of over spending and buying everything your heart desires on credit hoping to have it discharged in bankruptcy.  While credit card debits are one of the popular debt seeking discharge, trustees inquire the date of debts.  A sudden increase of credit card debt could cause suspicion of fraud.
  2. Do Not Spend All of Your Money.  Remember you will need money for filing fees and possible attorney representation for filing your bankruptcy.  Several bankruptcy attorneys will take payment plans.  However, you may need money to pay for the debt counseling and court filing fees.
  3. Income tax Returns.  Filing early in 2012 can be a good thing.  However, income tax returns are considered assets.  So time your filing wisely and/or use your tax return carefully.
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In-home caregivers get FLSA protection
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So many caregivers are underpaid due to exceptions and loopholes that permit employer to pay under minimum wage.  Hopefully, those days are over.

“The White House announced that the U.S.
Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division intends to publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would provide minimum
wage and overtime protections for nearly two million workers who provide
in-home care services for the elderly and infirm
. The proposal will
revise the companionship and live-in worker regulations under the Fair Labor
Standards Act to more clearly define the tasks that may be performed by an
exempt companion, and to limit the companionship exemption to companions employed
only by the family or household using the services. In addition, the Department
proposes that third party employers, such as in-home care staffing agencies,
could not claim the companionship exemption or the overtime exemption for
live-in domestic workers, even if the employee is jointly employed by the third
party and the family or household.”

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